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Why Choose Spatial Analysis Etc

Spatial Analysis Etc was founded to satisfy the demand for quality crime analysis training courses. We provide in-depth lessons in crime analysis, crime mapping, and other related topics that are taught by skilled and committed instructors.  Let us help you be a better analyst by showing you the way to identify patterns and put the puzzle pieces together.

Services That We Offer

At Spatial Analysis Etc, we offer crime analysis courses in several different formats: in-person, web-based, and live interactive online.  We also offer personalized training, crime analysis unit assessments, and consulting services.  Please see our consulting page for more information: Consulting Services

Analysis is putting the pieces together

Our Director and Primary Instructor

Lorie Velarde is the primary instructor and director of our company.  She has more than 37 years of law enforcement experience including 25 of those years working in crime analysis.

Lorie has accomplished a variety of achievements throughout the years including designing and implementing a department-wide geographic information system, performing analysis on several types of law enforcement cases for many agencies, creating actionable reports and maps that have resulted in offender identification, and presenting at national and international conferences on the topics of crime analysis, mapping, the use of GIS for analysis, and pattern identification.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Criminology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology, a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a California Department of Justice Certification in Crime and Intelligence Analysis, and a Geographic Profiling Analyst Certification.

Lorie has consulted on projects involving large datasets from several different countries and she has developed and taught training courses in crime analysis, mapping, and geographic profiling.

She has 20 years of teaching experience including classroom style, live webinars, on-demand courses, and distance education.

Lorie Velarde


Lorie has also published several articles and book chapters in the field of crime analysis and has received several awards for her work including the International Association of Chiefs of Police/ChoicePoint Award for Criminal Investigative Excellence (2006), the Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association’s Analyst of the Year Award (2011), and the Steven Gottlieb/Alpha Group Award for Creativity and Excellence in Crime Analysis (2017).

You can hear about how Lorie got started in crime analysis here:


The History of Spatial Analysis Etc

2013    Company created

2013    Courses in Geographic Profiling offered, now at Cal State Long Beach and ECRI

2015    Courses in ArcGIS offered

2018    Crime Analysis Unit Development and Assistance consulting provided

2019    Case assessment/analysis offered

2020   Courses in MS Access offered

2021    Crime Analysis Unit Development and Assistance consulting expanded to include map and report automation for any agency


A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Spatial Analysis Etc makes use of several instructors and consultants who provide their unique abilities and expertise in the field of crime analysis and crime mapping. Each staff member has several years of law enforcement and teaching experience.

This allows us to teach lessons with exceptional quality and depth that ensures our students can easily achieve mastery of any topic we present to them.

Let us take you step by step through each concept so you will learn everything you need to become a problem solving crime analyst.


Get Connected

If you’re interested in joining our teaching staff, then send us a message through our contact page. We would love to work with you in developing the skills of crime and intelligence analysts.