In-Person ArcGIS Pro for Crime Mapping - Intermediate Training Course


 ArcGIS Pro for Crime Mapping - Intermediate Course

This in-person hands-on course provides students with an intermediate understanding of crime mapping techniques and is designed for students who have some experience in crime mapping. Students will learn to use GIS technology to create new datasets, make thematic maps, and create and interpret hot spots. Topics include working within different coordinate systems, editing data fields and geometry, creating thematic and kernel density hot spot maps, and troubleshooting issues. Students who complete this course are able to create new area boundaries, produce several types of hot spot maps, and understand influences that are correlated with crime clustering.  Prerequisite: Intro course or permission of instructor.

Level: Intermediate

Length of course: 3 days (21 hours)

Course Booklet Provided: Yes

Prerequisite: Intro to Crime Mapping or instructor approval

Coming in 2025!

ArcGIS Pro for Crime Mapping - Intermediate